Probus Club of Collingwood

The Probus Club of Collingwood is the original men’s Probus club of the Georgian Triangle, and one of the first in Ontario, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, 2017. An informative speaker each month, combined with a membership of over 180 retired and semi-retired men allows us to create a place of enjoyment and fellowship in the community, emphasizing the Probus motto:

“Our Strength is Fellowship; Our Success is Participation.”

In addition, we enjoy numerous trips and social events throughout the year, including golf, hiking, theatre, excursions, and tours of businesses throughout Ontario.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Club for both new and old members alike.

Last Updated: 2017/02/04

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Welcome to the Probus Club of Collingwood!

Where age doesn’t keep us from thinking young!

   Meetings are at the Bear Estate,  Cranberry Village

  The Bear Estate

300 Balsam Street, Collingwood.

Immediately west of the Living Water Resort and Cranberry Marina.

Turn right onto Balsam Street at the light, straight ahead on Balsam,

turn right into the lane with the stone pillars.

*  Visitors and guests are welcome to attend our meetings.   *

Next Meeting,  March 2

Our Members share Stories, Experiences and Interests

Diana Bishop has spent twenty years as a TV news correspondent and independent film producer for CBC, CTV, Global Television, and NBC News, telling stories of some of the biggest newsmakers of the day. In 2002, she co-produced a documentary about her famous grandfather, First World War flying ace Billy Bishop, entitled A Hero to Me. Diana now runs a communications and personal branding business called The Success Story Program. She lives in Collingwood, Ontario.

In her more than 20 years as a TV news correspondent, Diana Bishop has had a journalism career that has taken her far and wide. As a result, Diana has established an impressive network of global contacts.

She has interviewed presidents and prime ministers, covered major national and international news events and specialized in the internal workings of Canadian politics and foreign policy.

After cutting her teeth with CBC News in Montreal and Quebec City in the 80's, Diana was snapped up by CTV National News in 1989 to become a National Political Correspondent in Ottawa where she filed news and did live reports on the Meech Lake constitutional crisis, the Oka Indian crisis, Commonwealth and Francophone Summits, visits by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, US President George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela's first trip abroad, as well as traveled with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney across Canada, the US, France and Africa.

In 1992, Diana was posted as Beijing Bureau Chief, making history as CTV's first full-time female foreign correspondent.

In CTV's affiliation with ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Diana filed more than 100 news reports and current affairs documentaries on Chinese politics, human rights, and China's economic and social revolution, as well as Prime Minister Jean Chretien's first Team Canada business tour in 1994 to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Hanoi. Diana's work in China earned her a Gemini nomination in 1995 for best reportage.

Then NBC News came knocking and Diana spent an additional year in China rebuilding the NBC News bureau and running Asia coverage for Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Weekend Nightly, the Today Show and Meet the Press.

In 1997, Diana returned as a Senior Parliamentary Correspondent first for CTV News in Ottawa where she made regular contributions to W5, Sunday Edition with Mike Duffy and anchored Canada AM Weekend and CTV NewsNet. In 1999, Diana moved to Global Television where she travelled with Jean Chretien to international summits like the G8, as well as covered his 2000 federal re-election campaign..

Diana has also produced several documentaries, and most recently wrote, narrated and produced a one-hour documentary for Global Television entitled A Hero To Me exploring the legacy of her famous grandfather and Canadian icon World War One flying ace Billy Bishop.

Dr. William (Bill) Klein will entertain us with some history and personal anecdotes gathered from a career in Dentistry. Those of us who have spent many a happy hour attached to the dentist’s chair will no doubt have a memory or two of our own.

March is Probus Month. Be a Friend, Bring a Friend

Diana Bishop recounts growing up in the shadow of her famous grandfather, Canadian First World War flying ace Billy Bishop.

As a child, Diana Bishop showed up one day at school with a brown paper bag. Inside was a large breastplate of some of the most precious war medals on the planet, including the Victoria Cross. They belonged to Canada’s most celebrated First World War pilot, Billy Bishop, and until her family donated them to the Canadian War Museum, they had been kept in her father’s underwear drawer. That day at school was the first time Diana realized she was not growing up in an ordinary family.

Now, after more than two decades in Canadian media, Diana Bishop looks back on her grandfather’s legacy and its profound influence over her life, and also her father’s — the only son of Billy Bishop, who had so much to live up to. Living Up to a Legend is a unique memoir that covers Billy Bishop’s legacy through the eyes of one of the people who it affected the most.