Probus Club of Collingwood

The Probus Club of Collingwood is the original men’s Probus club of the Georgian Triangle, and one of the first in Ontario, celebrating its 29th anniversary this year. An informative speaker each month, combined with a membership of over 180 retired and semi-retired men allows us to create a place of enjoyment and fellowship in the community, emphasizing the Probus motto:

Our Strength is Fellowship; Our Success is Participation.”

In addition, we enjoy numerous trips and social events throughout the year, including golf, hiking, theatre, excursions, and tours of businesses throughout Ontario.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Club for both new and old members alike.

Last Updated: 2016/08/09

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Welcome to the Probus Club of Collingwood!

Where age doesn’t keep us from thinking young!

   Meetings are at the Bear Estate,

Cranberry Village

  The Bear Estate

300 Balsam Street, Collingwood.

Immediately west of the Living Water Resort and Cranberry Marina.

Turn right onto Balsam Street at the light, straight ahead on Balsam,

turn right into the lane with the stone pillars.

*  Visitors and guests are welcome to attend our meetings.   *

Next Meeting,  September 1


Elizabeth has worked as a producer, editorial and visual researcher, and clearance specialist on numerous award-winning international documentary and interactive projects that have garnered Emmy, Gemini, CSA, Peabody and Academy awards.


A graduate of Queen's University, she has taught documentary research and development at Ryerson University in Toronto and has led research and rights clearance workshops at numerous international conferences and broadcasters. They include Realscreen, Documentary Campus, The World Congress of Science & Factual Producers,Impact Media Summit, Sunnyside of the Doc, Archidoc (Femis), Sheffield Docfest, Banff World Media Festival, Hot Docs, the National Film Board of Canada, CTV, Discovery, History Television, ImagineNative, Reel World Film Festival, WIFT International Summit, and the Atlantic and Vancouver International Film Festivals.


Throughout her career, Elizabeth has worked for HBO, PBS, the National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Discovery, History Television, CTV, Channel 4, Arte, ZDF, and numerous international broadcasters and independent production companies around the world.


Nominated for an Emmy in the Craft of Research and three times for Best Visual Researcher at the FOCAL Awards in the UK, Elizabeth has won the 2014 and 2013 Canadian Screen Award, 2015 Gemeaux, and 2010 Gemini for Best Visual Research.  She has also won a Yorkton Golden Sheaf award, and was honored with the  FOCAL International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.  Elizabeth has served on the board of WIFT Toronto, Impact Media Summit and is the founding chairperson of the Visual Researchers' Society of Canada. She is on International Executive Committee for FOCAL International in the UK and is a member of DOC Toronto. 


She is the founding chairperson of the Visual Researcher's Society of Canada/Association des Recherchistes en Audiovisuel du Canada.


Visual researcher and DOC Toronto member Elizabeth Klinck, recipient of the 2014 DOC Star Award, is the subject of this month's DOC Member Spotlight.

"Digging, digging, digging." That's what visual researcher Elizabeth Klinck identifies as one of the key aspects of her job. At once hunter-gatherer and artistic collaborator, Klinck works with filmmakers to source and secure images that will complement their final work. What does this include? Klinck tracks down anything from photographs to Hollywood film clips to satellite images to logos. "Everything that you have not shot yourself as a filmmaker," she explains.

Although visual research might be an under-the-radar role, Klinck has always been curious about graphic material. ("When people would be showing slides of their vacations, I was always the one that said 'let's look at them' when other people would be going 'ehn,'" she explains.) She was first drawn to visual research while working at the Winnipeg Film Group in the early 1980s, then honed her craft at the National Film Board, where she spent four years as a researcher.

As a freelancer, Klinck now services clients from around the world via her desk in Collingwood, Ontario. Recent credits include How to Change the World (2015), a feature-length documentary charting the founding of Greenpeace; an episode for ESPN's 30 for 30 series about Ben Johnson; Jamie Kastner's The Secret Disco Revolution (2012); John Walker's Artic Defenders (2013), and Stories We Tell (2012), Sarah Polley's acclaimed cinematic memoir. While Klinck occasionally jumps onto an assignment to source a last-minute visual wish list, her work is often integral to a film's development. She says her best relationships happen when filmmakers engage her in a project at the early stages—so her research can help shape the narrative and aesthetic.

"It's nice to be part of the whole organic process from the very beginning to the end," she says, "So you're really bringing in imagery that will be complementary to the filmmaker's style and to their story. But also trying to find something that hasn’t been seen before, that will bring something new to their character development. That's part of the fun."

This sense of fun reflects Klinck's knack for sleuthing. To locate various visual elements, she uses a assortment of sources: books, radio docs, news footage, and public and private archives (including one collection that just contains storm footage) are all among her investigative arsenal, plus YouTube, Google images, and the gamut of resources available online. For Klinck, gratification comes from the "tingle principle"—the feeling she gets when she knows she's landed a gem.

Elizabeth Klinck

Visual Researcher

Annual General Meeting

Lunch to follow. $10.00 pp