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Our Strength is Fellowship; Our Success is Participation.

Welcome to the
men’s Probus Club of Collingwood!

The Probus Club of Collingwood, which celebrated it’s 34th anniversary in October, 2020, is the original men’s Probus Club of the Georgian Triangle, and one of the first in Ontario. Informative speakers each month combined with a membership of over 140 retired and semi-retired active men, enable us to create a place of enjoyment and fellowship in the community, emphasizing the Probus motto. We enjoy numerous trips and social events throughout the year, including golf, biking, theatre, excursions, and tours of businesses throughout Ontario.



All regular meetings are cancelled until further notice. Meetings are now conducted on ZOOM.

February 3, ZOOM Meeting

Meeting opens @ 10:00, Starts @ 10:30

Fellow Members:

Roughly 50 members yesterday heard a fascinating and emotion provoking talk from Warrant Officer Nicole Laidlaw. She recounted some of her family members' long service in the Canadian Armed Forces, and some outline of her own various postings over a 20+ year career as an MP (Military Police Officer.) She included details of a few of her more harrowing experiences, as well as some of the more rewarding moments while posted as the only female in a combined Canadian MP and Afghan Police unit operating "outside the wire."

Unfortunately I got so wrapped up in the presentation that I forgot to press the "record" button until Ruben reminded me about halfway through. We had some audio quality issues, mainly in the Q&A session that unfortunately limited members' questions.You can catch the last half or so (and that has some of the best bits!) here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/-I5IXlFEH_jqfxI0sevcq8HuAu1_60UuSGa0oI4EwO9xjNJmoPv8OLINXBERUkrv.gKCb4kI0Xj-Ff6KK

Passcode: ?if7B&eJ

Note the passcode...copy carefully or copy and paste into the Zoom link...you need it to play the recording. It will self-destruct after 30 days. (Anyone remember the old Mission Impossible series?)

February Speaker: Dr David Chandross. His Topic, 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Mankind.

"Gamification is adding game mechanics into nongame environments, like a website, online community, learning management system or business’ intranet to increase participation. The goal of gamification is to engage with consumers, employees and partners to inspire collaborate, share and interact".

Please See Speakers Page. You may find your 'Donkey Kong and Grand Theft Auto' games somewhat dated!

John Megarry

Probus Club of Collingwood

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Who’s Involved?

To paraphrase a line from the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “who are those guys?” What backgrounds are represented by the members of the Club? There are many individuals with many diverse backgrounds.


  • Corporate: CEOs, Managers, Presidents
  • Education: School Principals, Teachers, School Board Reps.
  • Engineering: Engineers, Geophysicist, Trades
  • Financial: Accountants, Bankers, Planners, Advisors, Managers, Human Resources
  • Legal: Lawyers
  • Medical: Dentists, Physicians, Surgeons
  • Media: Broadcasting, Newsprint
  • Military: Veterans, and ex servicemen, Pilots
  • Sales and Marketing: Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, etc.

The members of the Probus Club warmly welcome guests,
visitors and walk-ins!

Photo courtesy of: Erika Engel, Collingwood Today
Bob MacNair, President, Probus, Canada, Director Ontario District  7.

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Meetings are the first Thursday of every month, starting at 0945 am. They are held at The Royal Canadian Legion, 490 Ontario Street, Collingwood.

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Probus Club of Collingwood
Membership: John Megarry, 705-445-1261
Email: collingwoodprobus@gmail.com