Our Strength is Fellowship; Our Success is Participation.

June 2, Meeting

TERRY GREGSON NHL Referee, Retired
NHL Official: 1979 to 2004
Birthplace: Erin, ON
Regular Season: 1427 Games (Referee)
Playoffs: 158 Games
Stanley Cup Finals: 8
Member Communications:
Throughout the pandemic period we have carried on with regular email blasts to members, updating you on forthcoming meetings and speakers — over Zoom for 2 years — but now in person. We’ve carried about 150 members on the books, but haven’t asked for dues payments until now as we had very low expenses. We’ve had some contact with about half of you, but little or no knowledge of the other half. We’re trying to correct that, by making personal phone calls from your executive, basically as “wellness checks” and to inform you that we are, once again, meeting in person. Some members are not completely comfortable with in-person gatherings, but wish to remain “members on hold”, and that’s fine. You will continue to receive our monthly emails, and will be welcomed back with open arms whenever you feel comfortable doing so. A few members have resigned for one reason or another, and a very small number have gone completely incommunicado. Around 75 members to date have paid annual dues, either in person at the door, or via etransfer, and several more have indicated they will return and pay soon. However, inevitably we will see some shrinkage from our pre-pandemic 150 number. 150 or so is a good size of membership that allows us plenty of space to move around in the meeting breaks, and to allow for good conversations and also to cover expenses without unduly raising dues! The best way to replenish our member ranks is by word of mouth from you existing members. Why don’t you reach out to your eligible friends and neighbours, and bring them along as guests to a meeting. If they like what they see (and who wouldn’t?) They can get a membership application, and join up. No pressure!

Membership Directory:
We are planning to publish a directory of our best guess of current members, showing name, email address, street address and phone number. If for any reason you prefer to redact any or all of your information from the directory please let me know by return email. No reply will be deemed as your permission to proceed. The list, when published digitally, will carry a dire warning against improper uses. The intention is to foster social interaction amongst our members.

Membership Dues:
We have not charged membership dues since March 2020. We have had minimal expenses, as there has been no rental fees at the Legion, etc. However the intent is to start charging $60.00 effective upon our return to in-person meetings. That will cover the period July 1, 2022 to June 30 2023.

Cycling: the bike group meets every Monday morning, weather permitting, with a different (not overly strenuous) trip each time. Simply contact Steve Hawker to get on the email list. Then you’ll know the time & place to meet, and just show up.

Golf: Pierre Tousignant runs a twice monthly golf outing at a different fairly local golf course each time. Again, to get the news, simply email Pierre and ask: Again, contact Pierre or Gordon MacKay.

Book Exchange:
Our book exchange is back in business. So bring along a few of the books you’ve enjoyed over the past 2 years, and exchange them for fresh reading material. Many thanks to Dorte and Steve Hawker who operated an excellent book exchange service from their home on Minnesota St throughout the last 2 years.

Remember: Be a friend, bring a friend. And let us know if there’s a member who’s not doing well.
And if you do not wish to receive these emails, simply hit “reply” and type in “unsubscribe.”

John Megarry
Probus Club of Collingwood.

A warm Probus welcome to our newest member, Bill Branston, by John Megarry , Membership Chair.
Congratulations, you’re in the money!!

Pierre Tousignant

John Miller

Call for Expressions of Interest, PROBUS CANADA Managing Director Position

General Position Description
The Managing Director is an independent contractor responsible for overseeing the administration of
PROBUS CANADA’s Constitution, Bylaws, Directors’ Manual 2020, Strategic Plan initiatives and the dayto-
day administration of Board and Club-related business. Other essential duties include marketing and
Club assistance. The part-time position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Position Qualifications
The successful applicant will demonstrate all or most of the following:
1. Demonstrated transparency, leadership, initiative, and strong work ethic.
2. Ability to think and plan strategically to effectively communicate the PROBUS CANADA Mission to
clubs and the overall community.
3. Senior non- or not-for-profit management experience.
4. Experience and skill in working with a Board of Directors.
5. Ability to plan and organize regular activities such as may be required by statute, constitution, and
6. Proficient written and oral communication skills.
7. Technological skill using software such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Quicken and ZOOM.
8. An ongoing membership in a PROBUS CANADA Club. (This is a must.)

Contract Arrangements and Compensation
1. The Managing Director will provide independent contract services to the PROBUS CANADA Board of
Directors for one year with the option for renewal, as determined by the Board.
2. The Contractor is paid monthly according to the monthly payment schedule.
3. The Contractor will provide all facilities and supplies to perform the required services such as office
and supplies/printing, telecommunications, internet connections, transportation, and support
4. Necessary travel and Board-related meeting expenses will be reimbursed.

Next Steps
If you are interested in the Managing Director position, please contact PROBUS CANADA Board Secretary
Inga Thomson Hilton at ingathomsonhilton@gmail.com for more information

Sincerely, Bob MacNair, Director-Ontario District 7 (Immediate Past President of PROBUS CANADA)

Upcoming Events

Collingwood Probus Club Cycling 2022
Jun 29 @ 10:15 am – 1:30 pm
Hello everyone

This coming Monday there will be no scheduled ride instead we will change it to Wednesday June 29 th .
The plan is to meet at the water tower at 1015 with departure time of 1030.From there we will proceed to Paul’s cottage in Wasaga for a Bbq.
At this point I need a firm commitment of those planning to attend so Paul can get the necessary supplies.
There will be a nominal charge to cover costs for this event.
If the weather gods are angry on the29 th we will have a rain date the 30th.

Contact: Steve Hawker

Looking to impress your travelling companions, this handsome jersey is available for the very reasonable price of $75.00!
Contact George Christie or Steve Hawker


Meetings are the first Thursday of every month, starting at 10:00 am. They are held at The Royal Canadian Legion, 490 Ontario Street, Collingwood.

Contact Us

Probus Club of Collingwood
Membership: John Megarry, 705-445-1261
Email: collingwoodprobus@gmail.com