My Friends House

My Friends House is looking for volunteer Directors.
Contact: Ruben Rosen

Red Cross

Meals on Wheels Programme needs volunteers.
Contact: Tara Bone

Dues are Due!!

Annual Dues for 2019/2020 have been set.
They are $60 if paid on time. Late dues will go to $65 as of August 2.

Assistant Cashier

We are in need of an Assistant Cashier. Experience the joy taking money from a fellow member on our brand new used Ipad!
Contact: Greg, Mike or Ruben.

Support Group

Our Support Group, headed by Brian Lucas needs another volunteer. If you could help out, please contact Brian.

Speakers Committee

We are always looking for fresh faces and ideas at the Speakers Committee. We pride ourselves on the quality of our speakers, so, if you would like to participate in this important group, please contact Ruben Rosen
We are still looking for speakers for November, a military theme, and Christmas, a ladies day. Your suggestions would be welcome!