Future Meetings and Event cards.
The cards you have been used to seeing at the meetings will no longer be present. Instead, the notice of Events, Meetings and other information will be delivered directly to you by email. This will benefit us in a number of ways. We will save $300 per year printing costs. The information will be sent directly to you via email, which you can print, put into a file or do whatever works for you best.You will receive both the Event and the contact information as usual. This will allow us to update information at the last minute and send it directly to you. So, check your email!



You can now make a Probus payment with credit card, debit card, or cheque. No cash please!

Both credit card and debit card have tap capability, with the debit card being the preferred method since the cost per transaction is only 10 cents. Credit and debit cards are rapidly becoming the method of choice. This will make it very easy to pay your dues!